Sword Art Online Light Novels

Sword Art Online Light Novels

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    • Well most likely you could work out the release date by taking the average time between release and translation and applying it to the release of the novel. e.g. if i takes about 3 months and 5 days to translate add that to the date of release to find out when to start looking.

  1. Does any of you guys know what the third season will be about. like will it be from “early and late” or alicization beginning?

  2. do you know ware you can buy the light graphic novel that are translate at online all of them. or a dealer in japan or something like that … any info would be great … the other qu is audio books of SAO if they make them in japan in English if you know of any or any friends that live over there that can ask or look for a web sight or something like that …. it would be great for this sight to sell .. many people like me enjoy audio books … food for though ..

  3. So you change the colour, but 15 still isn’t out yet? Does anyone here know roughly when the translation will be finished, and also when 16 is coming out in Japanese (if 15 isn’t the last one)?

    • There is a big difference in the first to books and the first season. There is not much difference in the second season and the books.

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